Le Triangle Namur – Jean-Talon Phase 1 : Testing of rain gardens on Mountain Sights Streets, June 23 2016


The rain gardens are now completed on Mountain Sights Street.

The technicians of Côte-des-Neiges Notre-Dame-de-Grâce are testing the efficienty of the rain garden with a strong debit of water.  The water is conducted inside the gutters and then sent in the rain gardens. A significant amount of water was poured inside the rain gardens and the results were really convincing: the plants, the ground and the gutters allow the absortion and the evacuation of the rain water really efficiently.


Mountain Sights

Rain garden simulation on Mountain Sights Street with the city technicians.


Jardin de pluie rempli d'eau

The rain garden is filled during the simulation.


Dry rain garden after the evacuation of the water.