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Catalyse Urbaine visited four sustainable neighborhoods in Germany

In August, Juliette Patterson visited four sustainable neighborhoods in Germany by bicycle and train.  Shared streets, lush vegetation, solar roofs, and rain gardens: these images illustrate best practices in rainwater management and renewable energy. However they do not quite do justice to the sense of well-being and inspiring community building that is present.  More than […]

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Catalyse Urbaine Open House

As part of Design Montreal Open House 2013, Catalyse Urbaine opened the doors of the agency and its green roof to the public. It was a great opportunity to interact with members of the agency about their work and their achievements.

Juliette Patterson appears in The Horse Palace, a film by Nadine Gomez

Argus Films presents The Horse Palace, a film by Nadine Gomez in which appears Juliette Patterson, president of the Griffintown Horse Palace Foundation. Synopsis: “Between the abandoned factories and crumbling buildings of Griffintown is concealed Montreal’s oldest stable, last remnant of a time gone by. In this intriguing, anachronistic enclave, running alongside modernity, it seems like time […]

Catalyse Urbaine receives a honorary mention as part of YUL-MTL : Moving landscapes international ideas competition

An honorary mention is given for the reuse and greening potential of the existing overhead structures of the Turcot interchange – after its reconstruction. Channelling this idea, this proposal creates elevated walkways within a green network and gives a new function to structures that will become obsolete in the current terms of the interchange reconstruction. […]