Catalyse Urbaine visited four sustainable neighborhoods in Germany

In August, Juliette Patterson visited four sustainable neighborhoods in Germany by bicycle and train.  Shared streets, lush vegetation, solar roofs, and rain gardens: these images illustrate best practices in rainwater management and renewable energy.

However they do not quite do justice to the sense of well-being and inspiring community building that is present.  More than a collection of green roofs, pedestrian walkways and colourful architecture, these neighborhoods offer to their residents a platform to test and explore sustainable lifestyles.

Neighborhoods visited:

Quartier Vauban, Freiburg-am-Brisbau

Riesenfeld, Freiburg-am-Brisbau

Arkkadien, Winnenden

Scharnhauser Park, Stuttgart

Itinerary: Colmar (France) – Freiburg (Germany) by bicycle; return to Colmar by bicycle across fields and forest. Colmar –Stuttgart by train; Stuttgart to Winnenden et Scharnhauser Park by tramway.  Return to Paris by train