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Green roof of Catalyse Urbaine

Given its expertise in both architecture and landscape architecture, Catalyse Urbaine is at the cutting edge of green roofs and green walls design and construction.

The office’s green roof was featured in the documentary series La Vie en Vert, and was published on the cover of Constructo magazine.

The principle behind a green roof consists in covering a flat or slightly slanted roof with earth and plants. The green roof absorbs rain water like a sponge. The retained water either evaporates, is absorbed by the plants, or is released into the sewer system, but with a lag time to avoid flooding.

Greens roofs provide space in the city for nature to thrive by creating an ecological network of green corridors that facilitate movement of animals and plants. They also offer additional exterior space for people, decrease ambient temperature, and increase oxygen in the air.

Coverage by La Vie en Vert :


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Catalyse Urbaine

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