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Frogs and Grasses the wastewater treatment plant in 2067 MTL+ Exhibition at the Biosphere

Along with 14 other architecture firms in Montreal, Catalyse Urbaine took up the challenge launched by the Biosphère to imagine the city in 50 years, based on the recovery of current infrastructures that will be obsolete by 2067.

Located at the lowest point of the city of Montreal, the former Pointe-St-Charles landfill is an ideal location for the ecological management of wastewater. A symbol of an in-depth positive evolution of society, in 2067 the City made major savings in its operating budget by investing in a huge green public facility. Four huge planted basins clean the wastewater of the Downtown area. A particularly rich flora and fauna develops in the marsh, allowing the reproduction of many species: ducks, moorhen, frogs, dragonflies …

An unexpected economic consequence from this huge development along the St. Lawrence has proved to be the interest of amateur ornithologists, who come from all over to watch migratory birds resting on the ponds of this green infrastructure.


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