A Beehive on Catalyse Urbaine green roof.

This week we had the pleasure to welcome new tenants on the rooftop of Catalyse Urbaine office.

The organism Alvéole helped us to install the beehive and the ensure the well-being of the bees.

Their website https://www.alveole.buzz/ allows us to understand the procedures of implementing the beehives in a urban context. The members thoroughly explain everything that needs to be known about the hives and their golden inhabitants.

It is paramount to develop the urban apiculture in order to preserve this spieces from being endangered. Pollination contributes to the reproduction of the flowers and their abundance in the metropolitan area. Bees are part of our biodiversity of our city and they play a big role in it.

Futhermore, in a few weeks we will have the pleasure to collect the honey made from the flowers of our neighborhood.



Hive ALVÉOLE -Installation of the hive on the garden rooftop.

Ruche ALEVEOLE - La nouvelle colonie

Hive ALVÉOLE – New colony

Ruche ALEVEOLE - Juliette et les nouvelles abeilles

Hive ALVÉOLE – Juliette and the new bees

Ruche ALEVEOLE - la ruche au ;ilieu de la végétation sur le toit

Hive ALVÉOLE – The hive in the midst of the garden rooftop.